All information about the famous Blake Goldring

Jun 17, 2017

blake goldring is an entrepreneur, a great Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He is an L.L.D, M.S.M and a CFA. He is certified with varies degrees and he is popular for being the chief executive officer at AGF Management Ltd. This is an investment management firm, which has been serving several since 1957 to various institutional investors. It is his continuous efforts that the management company has gained a huge amount of profit. The company has grown up to $33 billion assets due to his efforts. He has been a dream come true for the company.

What is Blake Goldring’s other achievement? Other than being a great Canadian Successful business Blake Goldring has other achievements also. He is the chairman of Canada Company. He founded a nongovernmental organization in 2006 to help the Canadian military and their family. He brought various Canadian community leaders to support the cause. The name of the organization was many ways to serve. Different Community involvement his life • In 1996 he became associated with the Royal Regiment of Canada. In this community, he held the role of Honorary Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Canada. He held this post from 2006 to 2011. For this Goldring was recognized for his constant support for the retired Canadian Army men and their families and was rewarded with the post of being Canada’s first Honorary Colonel of the Canadian army. He is still now holding the appointment of the post.
• In 2006 he founded an organization for a noble cause. The company was named as Canada Company: Many Ways to Serve. This Company serves and helps the Canadian military community in various ways, whichinclude helping the family members of the retired or dead soldiers. Blake Goldring is not only a successful business but also a personality with a great heart and ambitious to do something for others.