Black hat and white hat Philadelphia seo techniques

Apr 20, 2017

Search engine optimization involves employing various techniques to get the company website listed on organic search results. There are white hat, ethical, means of doing this and black hat, non-ethical, means of achieving results. philadelphia seo only employs white hat techniques for listing websites. The main difference between the two methods is that using false means to get improve rankings will last a very short term and ultimately it could be banned, whereas the results of white hat SEO techniques are for the long term and stand to improve rankings gradually, throughout the life of the business.

The most common black hat and white hat SEO techniques are: • Hidden content – this technique involves writing content with keywords in the code, but which is not visible to the end user. This method of deception is looked down upon by search engines as it hampers the chances of valid SEO performed websites to be listed. • False Meta description – Meta description requires a few sentences describing the content of the web page. Many use this method falsely by filling the Meta description with nothing but the keywords. • Fake pages – this means creating fake pages not visible to the end user that act as means to get listed. These pages are normally filed with content and keywords, and are meant to fool the customer. • Clean content – this is a white hat technique that refers to putting clean, quality content on the website, with keywords, in an effort to get listed, through Philadelphia seo. • Effective keyword placement – this means placing keywords strategically throughout the site, which would enhance positioning in search engine results. • Meaningful Meta data – descriptive words for the content of the website is another white hat technique that must be followed at all times. To sum up, good quality content, with proper research and valid information will go a long way to generate traffic on the website through white hat Philadelphia seo techniques.