Clash of Clans Tricks and Tips That Will Significantly Enhance Your Gameplay

Mar 31, 2017

Just in case you happen to be into strategy games, then clash of clans cheats is certainly one of the games you'll love playing. The game can be obtained for both iOS and Android apparatus and is played by a lot of players. This can be a game that is competitive, so in case you do not like to fight against other players, then we propose you to look for another game.

Clash of Clans Update comes with many attributes that are new It appears that the developers have worked a lot in the last months, as in the last upgrade they have brought a lot of attributes that are new to the game like: new leagues for even more, new charms, dragon attacks and high level players! The game is really going to the correct way and in case the developers from Supercell will keep up the great work, they are going to certainly keep a lot of players interested into the game, but at the same they are going to make a lot of players to install the game and check it out.

 Avoid updating the Town Hall away Never update Town Hall overly fast, if you're not prepared for them and because you may end up getting better players, you are going to start losing raids. At exactly the same time, the individual has a lower Town Hall afterward yours and even if you manage to succeed a raid, you are going to get fewer resources as follows: -- The enemy's Town Hall is higher or has exactly the same level as yours: 100%-- The enemy's Town Hall is 1 level lower than yours: 90%-- The enemy's Town Hall is 2 degrees lower than yours: 50%-- The enemy's Town Hall is 3 degrees lower than yours: 25%-- The enemy's Town Hall is 4 or more degrees lower than yours: here to get more information clash royale gem hack.