Crossword quiz answers: tips to solve crossword

Apr 06, 2017

Crossword puzzles are for everyone, for any age group. You don’t have to be a pro to solve the crosswords. crossword quiz answers kept hidden into the clue. Whether you are a beginner or an old one into this, you must know certain tips and tricks to solve the crosswords. Here are some easy hacks which will not only help you to solve the problem but will also make you a pro at this game.

• Start with filling the blanks: this is the smart way to start to solve the puzzle. The blanks between letters are easier to solve. To crack all the crossword puzzle answers quickly, you need to fill as many gaps as you can. By filling up those blanks, you will easily create some more incomplete words that will help you to solve other words. • Solve small words first: look for the smaller words first. The bigger the word, the tougher it is to solve. Vise verse smaller words are easy to solve. Remember that the more you will fill the puzzle box the more you will help yourself. • Read the clue carefully: for the big words or tougher ones you need to concentrate more. Read the clues repeatedly. Read the clue backward also. The answer to the puzzle lies in the first or last word of the clue or in the phrase of the clue.
• Synonyms: if you don’t get the answer yet then look for the synonyms of the word. You may ask your friends or family member too. If that doesn’t work, then you must Google for the synonyms of the word you think the answer might be. Sometime the answer is in a different language too, so you may get that via Google. • Check the crossword puzzle help: if those above tips don't work also then you must check the answer. Most of the newspaper-puzzle or quiz publishes their answer on the next addition. But if you want the answer before that you can search for online crossword quiz answers. There are many online sites which provide daily newspaper puzzle answers.