Facts about the doctor who movie

Jun 06, 2017

Facts about the doctor who movie There are some facts that are unusual and interesting about the Doctor Who movie whether Doctor who 2005 or not. Some group of individuals have been discovered to have noticed a trend in the movie. Of course these individuals are fans that take interest in what is really happening in the lives of each actor and the production team as a whole. Here is a list of some of the facts that have been gathered by them.

 There was one of the episodes in the first series of the movie where the first doctor William Hartnel did not feature at all. Not only that the doctor did not feature, his companions too did not feature, and the fact is that the doctor William Hartnel received credit in the credit list  English actor known as Chris Barrie that is known for playing as Arnold Rimmer was part of the actors that were auditioned for the tenth doctor.  The theme tune used in the movie (ethereal), was the first tune that was made up of electronic sounds alone.  The first episode of the movie Doctor Who, earned the first doctor, 250 guineas  The longest doctor that played in the movie is Tom Baker from the year 1974 to 1981  First episode of the movie was overshadowed by the event that led to the death of the former US president. John. F. Kennedy.  Paul Cornell, a writer for the movie Doctor Who was also writing for other movies or dramas at the time, and it was observed that in one of the episodes of the movie that he was writing (Casualty), he gave some of the guest character in the movie, the same name he gave to some characters in the Doctor Who movie, the episode of Seed of Doom.  The fact that the show was so expensive in those days made people doubt the fact that it would last more than four episodes.