Features that are offered by starbound servers

Oct 27, 2017

Do you want to buy starbound server to set your own gaming rules for this particular game? Then, you need to find the best and reliable server stores who are selling different models of starbound server at an unbeatable price. You need to buy the right server as per your gaming needs. The best part of this server is that, it lets the host of the gaming server to enjoy the game only with the players they would like to play. In addition, they can invite the other players to play this game on their Starbound Servers , but by charging a small amount of price. This is an ideal way to earn money by hosting your own starbound server on the website. In addition, it lets the players to set their own gaming rules and have liberty to enjoy the game as per their desires.

Few of the features that are offered by starbound servers to the website owner include Check the server status from time to time: All the servers are checked from time to time to ensure that you get an updated list of players who are playing on your server Get server statistics: You can get the graphical representation of the players who are connected to the server and enjoying the game, server uptime and ranking. Frequent Notifications: You would receive frequent notifications when your server is down. Private server: You can set the server in private mode to conceal your IP address and schedule gaming tournaments only with your friends by setting your own gaming rules. Dynamic banners: You can view the status of the Starbound Servers on the dynamic status banners that are showcased on the website or forum. The above are a few features one can reap by buying starbound servers from a reliable company. These people ensure to give all the features that are found on the original gaming server.