Few guidelines on how to buy bitcoin using credit card

Oct 09, 2018

Bitcoin or BTC is a virtual currency that is used and then electronically distributes. It is a decentralized peer to peer network. There is no single person or institution control it. It cannot be printed and the amount is very much limited.

Characteristics- 1. Decentralized- The developer aims when creating bitcoin is network independence from government authorities. It is designed so that every business or person and machine involved into mining and transaction verifications, become vast network part. Moreover, if some part of the network goes down, money will keep on moving. 2. Anonymous- Nowadays the banks know digitally all about their clients like addresses, spending habits, credit history, phone numbers etc. But with BTC it is different as wallet need not have to be linked to the personally identifying information. Some of the people just do not want the finance to get governed and traced by any authority and some might argue because of terrorism, trade and dangerous acts will thrive in this relative anonymity. 3. Faster- The network of bitcoin is processing payments instantaneously and is normally is taking few minutes for one on another side to get money, normal bank transfers take few days. How can I buy it? To buy bitcoin using the credit card you need to follow some steps- • You need to create the account on bitcoin wallet with few clicks. Now confirmation link will be sent to you at email at the process end. • You have to verify the account before buy bitcoin using credit card. It involved uploading of passport or other documents based on the preferred verification level. • Now just login to wallet account and enter the wallet address and fill out the form and get bitcoin faster. This is how you can easily buy bitcoin. Click here for more information about bitcoin buy