Mahjong Solitaire Game

Jul 12, 2018

Mahjong solitaire is one player version of the traditional Chinese game. A mahjong game has some rules similar to the card game rummy and usually comprises four players. Solitaire on the flip side is played with one person and has its rules. The aim is to clear the board by removing matching pairs. Unlike card games, which only contain four suits, mahjong solitaire features a much broader assortment of game piece kinds. The initial suggestion for newbies is to not be intimidated by the vast selection of colorful game pieces covered in pictures and unfamiliar characters. The rules of the game are very straightforward, until you clear the board in spite of what may look to be an overwhelming board layout: simply fit indistinguishable pieces.

There are seven kinds of tile in mahjong solitaire: Ball - All these are numbered 1 through 9, using the corresponding amount of balls appearing on each. There are four of each ball bit, for a total of 36. Bamboo - Just as previously, bamboo tiles are numbered 1 through 9 and there are four of each, for a total of 36. Characters - These signify characters that are Chinese and so is numbered 1 through 9. Wind - The four wind tiles are identified with four of each for a total of 16, at North, South, East and West. Dragon - There are there are only three kinds of dragon tile: White Dragon, Green Dragon and Red Dragon. The set includes four of each dragon, for a total of 12. Blossoms - There are only four flower tiles in a solitaire set: Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum. All the flower tiles only appear once. Unlike the aforementioned sorts, a flower could be fit with another flower. Seasons - The four seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Just such as the flower tiles, there's only one of each season in the set. A season may be matched with another season. Click here for more information free solitaire