Net worth and bio of Wrestler tyrus brodus clay

Jun 30, 2018

George Murdoch took birth in Pasadena, California USA, in 1973 on 21 February. He is best known to be a professional wrestler signing to Impact Wrestling. In addition to this, he is actor as well as political commentator. In the field of wrestling, he used the name tyrus while his previous name was Brodus clay. To wide audience he is known as fox news contributor as well as “the Greg gutfield show” commentator.

Education- Tyrus studied in Quartz Hill High School then he enrolled in antelope Valley College. He studied at university of Nebraska, Kearney by 1995 and then planned to become teacher. In addition to this, he played football as well as spent 4 years as snoop dog bodyguard. Body measurement- Professional wrestler tyrus has weight and height that are sufficient for his profession. As reported he has dark hair, brown eyes and he is 2.01 m tall and 170 kg in weight. He have beard, short hair and upper body of tyrus is tattooed.
Net worth of Wrestler Tyrus Brodus Clay Early source of 2018 says that his net woth is $2 million which he accumulated from his career in the mentioned fields. He got fame being professional wrestler having variety of wrestling personas under the nicknames like Brodus clay, g-rilla and monstrous BC. Tyus signed the contact with WWE (world wrestling entertainment), he was allocates to Deep South wrestling which is territory of WWE. He made his debut in 2006 in month of September under name G-rilla while his early performances using street thug gimmick. During his first match Tyrus defeated the big Bully Douglas which was his opponent and in October he started serving enforcer for the urban assault. He was also involved in enmity with “the bag lady’ that cost his team in DSW tag team championship.