Popular beard style

Aug 17, 2017

God made us different, everyone looks different from each other. Men look different from women, all men's look not same, they have different shape, color texture of their skin. All men faces are different some have long face, short face, round face etc. but most of men grow beard on face and other don't because it doesn't look nice on their face. Here this article is very helpful for men to in styling their beard. In this article you know some beard styles, so read this article till end.

Different beard styles These are the following beard styles. Let's explore. 5 O'clock shadow - this beard style is very fantastic and suites on all shapes of faces. Other name of 5 O'clock shadow beard is 3-day beard. In this type of style men should maintain their beard in 3 - 4 days because it's very short type beard style and in this men need to shave cheek and neck in just 3 days to look great. Moustache - This beard style particularly suited to black male. In this type of style, a man need to shave their face regularly but they don't shave their moustache which is above the upper lips. They also can manage the shape of their moustache according to their face. Goatee - This type of beardstyle is very famous and it looks good. As it name suggest goatee means they make their beard like goat means their beard should be 1-inch-long from chin area and they need to shave cheeks, moustache, neck regularly to maintain it. Full beard - In this type of beard style a men don't need any maintenance. They just need to grow beard when their beard is too long then they need to trim it otherwise there is no need of maintenance in full beard style.