Reason To Invest In DasCoin

May 19, 2017

The reason why you have to get in DasCoin It is essential to remember that if you're interested in DasCoin try to get in when you possibly can. The most important reason for this is basically because of something called the "FREQUENCY" this is in a nut shell, is a number that will find out the level of DasCoins you get. The more complicated the frequency amount, the less coins you get for the bundle you buy. The DasCoin frequency is now 3.7 (9th October 2016) and will steady increase over the forthcoming weeks and months. Here are just two other reasons why it’s important to procure you position in DasCoin!
1. Procure your place in Binary Construction Right now we're in what's called the affiliate marketing period, this may change shortly to a network marketing period, which should be starting from across the 18th November 2016.The network marketing genealogy for DasCoin is going to be a binary tree and you'll be put into the binary based in your enrollment date. Not on the basis of the package you bought so please bare this in your mind.
2. To Receive more coins I am quite sure you have viewed the countdown in Coinleaders home page by now this here can be viewed by you. This can be called Frequency Increase Timer. Simply, DasCoin was created to favor the early investors.