The steps needed to be followed within hyperbaric oxygen chamber

May 08, 2018

Some places have largely sized compartments for performing Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in which nearly 10 to 12 people can usually be treated at a time although other places are capable of treating individuals. Hospitals have got both of these sorts to treat people.

Below is a view of what normally happens in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber • The patient has to get rid of his or her clothes and use a 100 per cent cotton healthcare gown • They need to also remove all types of diamond jewelry and wrist watches etc. prior to the session commences • The patient is then asked to lay down on the table which usually slides in the chamber. The chamber is made of plastic and is also clear. It is approximately 7 feet long. • The attendant will tell the patient to relax during the full session and breathe normally. One can also listen to music or view television if the area is equipped with such devices • The worker will be able to view the patient and also both of them may converse with the other person throughout the program of hyperbaric therapy • The holding chamber is closed and filled up with pressurized oxygen • The hyperbaric remedy involves enhancing the pressure through 3 times when compared to the normal pressure of atmosphere. • The time of the particular session differs from patient to patient.

 It can last for thirty minutes to 2 several hours. • After the program ends the pressure is released slowly. You will need to disclose the entire medical history and also problems before the doctor. Based on the present situation and all previous problems the doctor will prescribe the therapy as well as mention the precise air pressure permissible for a particular patient. Stress differs from patient to patient. The patient will be exposed to total oxygen with increased strain normally A couple of.5 times than normal to cure wounds that need a lot more amount of oxygen.