Upholstery leather: How to take care of it?

Apr 20, 2017

The upholstery leather as well as the leather present in other products is quite expensive in nature. Hence people think twice before attempting to clean them by themselves. Often you will find a warning message in these products which asks the users to test the cleaning material on some part of the product which is not visible to the outside. The warnings of these types often scare the people and they do not want to clean the product by themselves. Similar to the cleaning of carpets, the job of cleaning the leather products is also a delicate job.


You should have proper knowledge regarding cleaning the leather products. If you don to have this knowledge and proceed to clean, the item can get damaged, even permanently. There are many types of leathers present in the market, first you need to ensure whether your one is a finished product or not.

Most of the times you will see that the leather in the furniture or in your car is of finished quality, unfinished leather can be found in the rough quality gloves. You firstly need to get a conditioner for the upholstery leather. Sometimes you will get a sample cleaner from the seller of the furniture itself.

Upholstery leather

If applying the conditioner is not your cup of tea, then you can start with cleaning gently with wire and then use soap. Using a damp cloth to clean henceforth is advised. You have to clean the leather using the conditioner only after the leather has dried up.

The conditioner that you are using must be balanced in nature. Some stains are quite difficult to remove from the leathers. The conditioner you are using must provide protection from the UV radiations as well. There are many options for you to clean the upholstery leather.