What you should know about decimal odds format

Oct 16, 2017

Most online bookmakers display their odds in the decimal format. The decimal odds format is very common and popular throughout Europe and Asia. This is because it is the easiest to understand and most punters prefer the format than the American odds format or the fractional odds format. In contrast to American and fractional odds, decimal odds format only require punters to part with their preferred stake amount before placing a bet on a given event. The odds that are quoted by the online football bookie are the exact amount the punter will get out of every amount the punter wagers.

For example, if areliable online casino agent displays odds of a given event as 6.50 and a punter stakes $100, the punter’s winnings will be $650 (6.50 X $100). In this case, the punter will make a profit of $550 just for placing a bet on the event. It should be remembered that understanding every odds format in the betting industry is not always a necessary factor to place a bet. However, different odds formats allow punters to view different options at several online bookmakers with a lot of ease. This is why most online bookmakers give punters the option of changing every odds format on the site at the click of a button. Therefore, irrespective of the football agent where a punter is placing bets from, the punter will always find it easy to determine the ultimate payout on any event. Decimal odds are very common in all major sports and races. To understand them better, what a punter simply needs to do is to take the provided odds and multiply with their stake amount to get the amount of money that will be won if the results of the event are positive. In most cases, online bookmakers automatically multiply the odds and the stake amount to give possible winnings of the event. Click here for more information online cockfighting (sabung ayam online)