Why companies should create quality assurance evaluation forms

Oct 07, 2018

When companies think of developing Call Quality Assurance programs, one important thing they always consider is creating evaluation forms. An evaluation form is one of the most visible aspects of a quality assurance program. This form is necessary for any quality assurance program, regardless of whether a company is implementing the quality assurance manually or the company is using automated systems to do quality assurance. When creating the quality assurance evaluation form, it is necessary that the form captures all interactive components that the call center needs to measure. The weights and questions on this form should reflect the company’s culture and what is most essential to the company’s service strategy.

Generally, a Call Center QA evaluation form must contain various components when creating it. One of these is call or evaluation details. This basically means that the form should include name of call center agent, name of reviewer, date of customer transaction, call type, date of evaluation and customer identifier which can include the customer’s ID or account number. The second component to include is a sections or skills category. This is the form which includes such things as call opening or closing, product or plan knowledge, verification, system knowledge, procedure knowledge, mute or hold transfer, resolution skills and communication skills. The Call QA evaluation form must also contain questions. Questions are important because they help to objectively assess the skill proficiencies of all call center staffs and quality assurance specialists. There are different questions that can be asked in this case and will mostly depend on the policies and procedures of the call center. For example, did the call agent identify the caller based on the company’s verification policy before relinquishing information? The fourth component to include in this form is scoring. The purpose of scoring is to assign different values for every section and question on the form. This can include points available, points earned or general point values. click here for more information about Call Center QA